Cherokee Rock Village
Cherokee Rock Village  

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The Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965 (Public Law 88-578), requires that citizens be afforded the opportunity to express their views concerning the recreational needs of their community.  To provide a forum for discussion, an open meeting is being held at

The Public Parks and Recreation Board of Cherokee County Alabama, at 12:00 Noon on January 24, 2018 at 101 West Main Street, Centre.  This hearing is sponsored by The Public Parks and Recreation Board of Cherokee County Alabama.     

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the development of recreational facilities at Cherokee Rock Village.

Anyone wishing to support or oppose the proposed park improvements is invited to voice their opinion at this meeting or submit written comments by Wednesday, January 24, 2018 to:

Leann Hill, Chairman

The Public Parks and Recreation Board of Cherokee County Alabama

101 West Main Street

Centre, AL 35960

Southeastern Climber's Coalition and Access Fund partner with Cherokee County Park Board to help removed over 500 square feet of graffiti from Cherokee Rock Village!

A massive graffit-removal project was tackled in October 2015 at Cherokee Rock Village.  Over 30 volunteers pitched in to help remove years of graffiti from the rocks around the park. After research various products available on the market, Elephant Snot was chosen as the safest and most effective for graffit removal.  Approximately 500 square feet of graffit was removed from the rocks.  Some areas will require additional applications, as there are layers of spray paint in one spot.  The group plans to return to the park in April 2016 for a second round of work.  The Cherokee County Park Board appreciates the efforts of the SCC, Apline Club and other groups helping to maintain our parks!

CRV's Ascend Weekend Huge Success!

Hi everyone, 
We had a great turnout for our event on Easter Weekend with beautiful, if windy, weather.  The park welcomed between 300 and 400 visitors on Saturday, April 4, 2015 during it's 1st Annual Ascend Weekend event.  We estimate this to be a record attendance to the park at any one given time.  Over 100 children signed up for and ran in the Hopping Down the Bunny Trail Kid's Color Fun Run, receiving medals and t-shirts and the top 3 winners won an annual pass to Cherokee Rock Village.  The Fun Run was coordinated by local runner and teacher, Melinda Austin Williamson, who did an amazing job coordinating the run within less than two months.
Park Board members Jeff Wolfe, Leann Hill, Scooter Howell and Pam Hofer were present throughout the day to greet visitors and guests to the park.  Park Volunteer coordinator, Billy Perry, and Storm Chaser Tracie Delevie oversaw security at the event.  County Commissioner, Marcie Foster, also attended the event.
True Adventure Sports' Israel Partridge,  from Fort Payne, Alabama stayed until after the event was over teaching visitors to rappel and led a large group on a hike through the park.  Idlewild Adventure Company's, Ryan Cavender,  from Birmingham, Alabama led several free introductory climbing sessions throughout the day, as well.  Cody Roney, Director of the Southeastern Climbers Coalition attended the event and had a booth with information about the SCC's involvement and trail days at many crags in the Southeast, including their bi-annual Sand Rock Trail Day.  The Cherokee Master Gardener's had a booth at the event.  Their organization has been instrumental in beautifying Cherokee Rock Village, planting trees, shrubs and flowers throughout the park.  Callie Thornton, from Rockford, Alabama hosted an information booth for the Alabama Hiking Trail Society and spoke with many park visitors about Leave No Trace ethics and potential future plans to work with the Park Board to develop more hiking trails throughout the park. Tim's Walkhard BBQ from Leesburg set up a rolling store the day before the event and served bbq all day.  Tim said it was a successful day and they would be happy to come back and do it again next year.   Mirandi Watson attended the event with her family and ran a Cherokee County 4H booth to tell visitors about involvement in 4H and their many service projects throughout the county.
There are hundreds of photos circulating facebook from the event, with positive reviews of visitors enjoying the day and looking forward to the 2nd event next year.
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