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Park Pavilions may be rented.

Fee is $25 per hour with advance reservation.

Please clean up when you are done with your event.

Thank you.

FEES Daily entry $5, camping $10. The RV Fifth Wheel/Trailer FEE us $15 per night. Large vehicles is $20 per day.

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Please call the Cabin at CRV to purchase Yearly Passes - 256-523-3799

LIABILITY and HOLD HARMLESS REGULATIONS apply to you every visit!


AT CHEROKEE ROCK VILLAGE and all of our other County Parks:

  • As many are not aware, the Cherokee Rock Village Park is 100% surrounded by PRIVATE PROPERTY.
  • ALL...YES ALL... of the private property owners do NOT allow off road vehicles and have had many operators who do not have their specific permission.......arrested and fined each year.
  • The only off road vehicles the private owners allow on their properties, are hunters who lease the land for that purpose wherein the owner has given his permission. The leases do not allow Park use for riding or loading and unloading vehicles and they are expected to do that only on the land that is leased.
  • Cherokee Rock Village Park does not have any off road vehicle trails within the Boundaries of the Park.

Therefore, if you chose to ride and/or load or unload your Off Road Vehicle within Cherokee Rock Village, you are risking arrest for trespassing from the private property owners.

We strongly suggest that you find other places to enjoy your sport. Thank you.

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