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Park Upgrades for our visitors.


Cherokee Rock Village Park:

  • Free Internet access available for our guests. IN PROGRESS

Facilities being planned or completed include:

  • Dual purpose bathroom/showers/safe room for our guests. Now open. Enjoy that shower. COMPLETED
  • A accessible ramp to accessible scenic observation deck.
  • A group use fireplace will be installed next to the Pavilion.
  • Lighting for the Pavilion. Grant received. Construction will begin shortly. COMPLETED
  • A rustic playground for our youngest visitors. Grant received. Look for summer construction. - COMPLETED
  • A amphitheater will be built for educational lectures, concerts, and more.
  • Campsites will be improved, numbered, and a reservation system available.
  • A heliport for emergency transport is coming - COMPLETED
  • Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee: need volunteers to design and set up a challenging course.
  • New Mountain Bike Trails: both challenging and extreme competition in design.
  • A Mountain Bike Bowl for all ages to ride challeging ramps and stuff.
  • 2 new circling 2 hour trails (Upper and Lower Circle Trails) down, across, up and return along the the face of Shinbone Ridge going to our "hidden waterfall."
  • Events under discussion include 2 annual running 5K Races to the off road and one on the paved road to the Park. Also considered is a expert rated downhill Mountain Bike race to the bottom of Shinbone Ridge. We welcome any groups that would want to sponsor these races and other type of events that are consistent with our mountain terrain and public Park ethics.

Cornwall Furnace Park:

  • A walking path (nature trail) around the Park perimeter is being planned.
  • Replacement and upgrade of old information signs in the Park is planned.
  • Riprap scatter and soil slide areas will be corrected at low water Jan/Feb.
  • An engineering study concerning the stability of the Furnace is planned.
  • A campaign to purchase the adjacent canal property is being designed.

Future New Park Development:

  • There clearly is a need for a public park on the lake so that residents and tourists that do not have residential access to the lake may enjoy it. Camping limited to 1 week, daily picnicing, swimming, etc are activities that need to be available. The Park Board has the development of this type of park as a recreational project and will take it on as soon as possible.
  • At this time we are exploring donation fee station access ramps to the Dead River at the Diversion Dam, Garretts Landing, and Terrapin Creek ramp access after the Ellisville bridge is relocated. Discussions are also underway about new Park Board involvement in the State leased boat ramps on the lake. For example, the Cedar Bluff access ramps and several other ramps might be upgraded with restrooms and etc, funded by user available donation stations at the ramps if Agrements can be reached with Alabama Power and the State..
  • Talks have also begun with Alabama Power, the Park Board and Weiss Improvement Authority to co-manage a eco-educational complex in the Bay Springs area next to the State managed boat ramp. The County has now set up a study group chaired by the Commissioner resposible for that location. 


Want To Volunteer?

We welcome volunteers. Please email your interest to :    Thank you.


Cherokee Rock Village: Looking for volunteers and park board office volunteer.


Cornwall Furnace Park: Looking for volunteers to help with maintenance.


Ethel Morrison Park: Looking for volunteers to help with maintenance.


Pratt Memorial Park: Looking for volunteers to help with maintenance.


Park Board Main Offices: Looking for volunteer(s) to assist with greetings and phone answering.


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